Email Marketing

Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing continues to be a powerful channel for local businesses. Well designed and developed email marketing strategies result in positive brand awareness, continued touchpoints with prospective and loyal customers, and increased revenue.
Email marketing only works if subscribers want to receive emails from your company. SEO Leads Houston will examine and prepare a strategy that analyzes: Open Rate, Click-Trough-Rate, Revenue Generated and Social Shares.

Email Marketing Strategy Setup

  • Evaluate the best setting for your strategy
    • Selecting the best email platform
    • Best time of day to send an email campaign.
  • Concept and design an email template to easily be updated and used for multiple needs.
  • Educate client on the pros and cons of email marketing.
  • Benchmark email campaign against competion.
  • Look at the calendar year and determined where email marketing will benefit.
  • Integrate email campaign into the current marketing plan.
  • Develop transactional emails that provide personal, professional responses.
  • Educate clients on how to use metrics and feedback from campaigns.

Execution of Email Marketing Plan

  • A/B Testing to ensure the best email is reaching your customer, and we are providing the desired content.
  • Evaluating the subject line, date, links and all other technically developed assets.
  • Optimize all campaigns to work on all devices.
  • Ensure that there is conversion tracking on each campaign.
  • Technically setup up campaign so transactional emails do not end up in SPAM folders.
  • Prepare reports demonstrating the performance of each email campaign.
  • Analyzing each campaign with our clients to identify ROI, what worked and what did not and then improve on what did work.

Email Template Design

  • Each design will inspire your customers to take action with bold graphics and photography.
  • Seasonal designs will get your customers converting to sales.
  • Well crafted designs with relevant content will increase sales and build brand awareness.

Content Development

  • Visual Content is vital to a successful email campaign.
  • Our design team loves creating visual content to ensure your brand looks fantastic.
  • Evaluate current content and decide weither new content needs to be created by our copywriting team or just tweak current content.

Email Managment

  • The bottom line is that you need to have accurate, clean email lists. 
  • Ensuring that these files are getting to the groups that your campaign is designed to reach. 
  • Technically integrate your email lists into CRM systems such as Zoho, third-party software systems and or other databases that help your business grow.

Continuous Email Strategy

  • Constantly building your email contact list.
  • Designing and developing new email templates based on data.
  • Evaluating new ways to reach out to new segments.

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Call us now at 713.521.7022. SEO Leads Houston proudly performs all of our Design, Development & marketing services in-house. We are not looking to outsource work and will not respond to any requests to do so.

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