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Having problems ranking locally?

What is the number one problem with Local SEO. For business it is inconsistent citations. SEO Leads Houston will fix your local citation get your business ranking!


What is Local Citation?

A local citation is an online reference to your business's name, address, and phone number. Typically called a (NAP). Search engines like Google use them when evaluating the online authority of your business. Unlike links though, citations don't need to link to your company's website for you to receive credit.

Why are citations important?

Citations are defined as mentions of your business name and address on web pages. They do not need to link to your website. For example, a good local citation would be your Google for companies listing or your yellow pages listing. SEO Leads Houston typically links to your local chamber of commerce pages and 42 other local business association pages.

Citations are a vital component of the Google and Bing ranking algorithms. In fact, if all factors were equal, business with a greater number of local citations will rank higher in local search than the firm without local citations.

Established and deep indexed sites like and are important in that they help increase the degree of certainty and the validity of your business contact information.

Local citations are critical in less competitive niches like construction services, automotive repair business where many service providers do not have websites. Search engines can only read data that they can find.

Houston local citations are important because they validate that your business is part of the local community. Being part of the local community brings credibility to your brand and your business. For example, it is hard to fake a listing or chamber of commerce listing. Validity leads to dramatic improvement in your local search engine rankings.

Why are My Business Local Citations Wrong?

  • Your business moves and you get a new address.
  • Your business phone number changes.
  • There are variations in your business name.
  • Incorrect information has been used in the past and never been updated and leads to inconsistent Name Address and Phone number.

Irregular NAP (Name, Address, and Phone) information will result in Google passing over your business for local recommendations. Inconsistent information needs to be fixed. SEO Leads Houston is here to help.

Fixing these issues is time-consuming and technical. Every citation source has different requirements. SEO Leads Houston local citation service is here to help.

  • We will do the following for your business.
  • Complete citation audit
  • locate all the incorrect information
  • manually contact each local citation source
  • repair all your business local citation issues
  • deliver a detailed report that is easy to read and understand

SEO Leads Houston Local Citation Repair Process

Step 1: Complete a Full Local Citation Audit
The first critical step to any local SEO campaign is to evaluate your business citations. SEO leads Houston this-this step is vital to see where your business is starting. For example, we need to know what are your current citations. If we are aware where you are starting, then we have a roadmap to where we want to get your local search listings. With this audit, we can repair any incorrect citations, so your local search results favor your business.
Step 3: Create Rich Media Local Citations
You can not just stop with the standard local directory submissions. You need to use geo-tagged photos and videos. Plus your need to have citations that link to rich media sources such as YouTube. Our creative department can create fantastic video slideshows, video tours, video testimonials and just about any video production needs. Since YouTube is owned by Google, having video in your citations will undoubtedly lead to better local search results. Properly optimized Photos are vital to your local citation. Most businesses need at least ten pictures of the exterior, interior, product, services and staff. Our photography staff can produce the photos for you. We will add geo-tagging and metadata to deliver results.
Step 2: Start Building your Local Citations
Local citations are the backbone of local SEO. There is no way around it. You have to manually submit the correct business information, photos, descriptions to top local directories in your market. No software will do it for you. Each business is different and requires different strategy. For example, it might be that your company needs to be in the most familiar with the most traffic directories. It might be that we take your specific keywords and submit your business to only those directories that relate to your business. Last we do use a strategy to find out what your competitors are doing. Where are they listed? Is there an opportunity for your local business citation when we adjust a few keywords in your description. Here is the deal, it is vital to claim the most relevant directories. We will walk you through the steps needed when phone and postcard verification is required. We will set up the profiles and login files to these directories and then update and verify that all the information, photos and descriptions with keywords all lead to better local SEO results.
Step 4: Create Social Media Citation
Proper use of social media will lead to better local search results. We will evaluate your social media profile and graphics. SEO Leads Houston will create careful manual social media submissions that include the videos and photos needed for results.
Starter Package
  • For Small or Medium Sized Business designed to improve local SEO performance
  • Full Citation Audit
  • 40 Local Directory Citations
  • Aggregator Submission
  • Google My Business Sync
  • Claim and Manage Yelp Listings
  • Duplicate Detection and Closure
  • Reputation and Monitoring Managment
  • Enhanced Content Distribution


Professional Package
  • for Enterprise Brand designed to improve local SEO performance
  • Full Citation Audit
  • 50 Local Directory Citations
  • Total Aggregator Submission
  • Google My Business Sync
  • Claim and Manage Yelp Listings
  • Duplicate Detection and Closure
  • Listing Alerts
  • Reputation and Monitoring Management
  • Enhanced Content Distribution
  • Active Location Data Management
  • Local SEO Analytics
  • Local Customer-Actions Analytics
  • Listing Health Audit



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