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Landing Page Optimization Services

We don’t just add contact forms to a page and call it “good enough.” After we analyze things like the traffic source, conversion opportunities, and click paths we create a landing page optimization plan. This includes making layout and content adjustments, implementing tracking code, and defining goals for optimization.

Usually, the main result of our landing page optimization services is increasing the conversion rate. However, if you are sending paid traffic to the page, you can see positive improvements in other things such as a decrease in the cost per conversion or average order value.

Furthermore, pages that perform well and engage website visitors tend to rank well with Google and obtain extra, free traffic.

Navigation Optimization

In addition to general landing page optimization services, we offer navigation optimization. Optimizing a website’s navigation includes the logical grouping of pages, guiding traffic to specific pages, and determining the best visualization of the navigation. Compare Amazon’s navigation to Apple. They are clearly different even though both websites have traffic whose intent is to purchase products online.

Improving the navigation can increase real metrics like pages per session and conversion rate.

Performance Optimization

Websites that are slow, function poorly on mobile devices, or fail to work properly on various browsers suffer from performance issues. Bloated and disorganized code, extra Javascript, and short CSS code are common causes of website performance issues.

With our performance optimization services, we carefully dissect and analyze site code to determine the cause of poorly performing websites. Depending on the client, we can offer a detailed, exhaustive document outlining our recommendations and guides on how to fix them. We can provide to perform our optimizations ourselves, also.

Performance optimization can increase time on site and pages per session. It can also decrease the bounce rate giving your visitors a better experience and ultimately converting on your website.

Search Engine Optimization

Arguably, the best form of website traffic is free, organic traffic from search engines like Google and Bing. The difficulty is picking the right keywords that will garner top rankings and give you uncontested traffic. That’s where we come in.

To get you good rankings in Google, it requires more than just adding

To get you good rankings in Google, it requires more than just adding h1 tags to a page. We dive into the source code and add optimizations to the nooks and crannies of a site. We utilize schema markup, title tags, meta descriptions, and other technical indicators that Google uses as a signal to rank your website above your competition.

We also look for opportunities to expand your content. For instance, a video that is supplemented with captions adds to the SEO value of the page that it’s hosted. When we code pages, we avoid media and languages that can’t be read by Google such as Flash.

You Should Hire Us

We are expert coders. We know how to fix things that are broken and develop cutting edge code that propels you ahead of the competition. Most companies rely on amateur marketing teams and WordPress discussion boards to analyze and patch their projects. We can do better.

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